Billions of videos are available online and you’re spending thousands to reach customers while they’re viewing video content. Our video pre-roll starts with YouTube and then goes beyond to programmatically reach customers across nearly any site or device they’re using. We then can reconcile that with Nielson or ComScore metrics to amplify television campaigns or deliver the consumer behavior of those customers who saw your ads.

What makes Formation’s Video Pre-Roll Services Different?


YouTube and Beyond. We start with YouTube but also reach customers on their mobile devices or other video content websites with your branded message

Audience Targeting. We leverage customer behaviors on your site and across other sites to ensure that if they’re buying, they’re thinking of you


Fraud Prevention. We transparently monitor and eliminate fraud through our proprietary approach

Conquest and Conversion. We reach those who have come to you but haven’t converted, and those that are thinking of a competitive brand but should consider yours instead


Formation’s Guarantee to Video Pre-Roll


We’ll create a unique, compelling preroll ad that’s delivered to qualified vehicle customers across all their devices on sites including but not limited to YouTube

Our branding expertise ensures you’ll be creating long-term and sustained advantages over your competition

Our multichannel approach will amplify the effectiveness of your video campaigns across everything else you’re running