SEO makes your website run faster, produce more traffic and leads, and allows you to increase the efficiency of the rest of your digital marketing spend through unique and targeted content and landing pages.

Google makes dozens of updates throughout the year and is constantly changing how it reads the content on your website. Formation’s advanced solutions integrate seamlessly with your sales and service efforts while staying ahead of search engine’s algorithmic changes and handling the technical opportunities throughout the year.

Our team works with you to set up a unique strategic plan that will make your paid search more efficient, build valuable content that drives shopper traffic to your site, and analyzes the market and competitive opportunities within the marketplace.

Search Optimization Services
for Auto Dealers


100% Unique Content includes thoroughly researched topics within your local area that is professionally written to reach customers that are ready to buy

Technical Optimizations ensure customers quickly and prominently see your core models, comparisons, and value propositions when they search on their mobile, tablet or desktop devices. On our end that means optimizing meta data, integrating social graph features, and leveraging schematic markup to create an unfair advantage for you


Website Enhancements ensures your website is running smoothly and effectively. We leverage advantaged SEO tools that specialize in fixing technical issues that prevent search engines from accurately reading your content and pages

We integrate with your CRM and sales efforts across any and all third party plugins to determine what paid and organic campaigns and content are driving the most value to your store


Formation’s Approach to SEO


We’ll create unique content based off proactive research into real time and previous customer search data to capture every shopper possible

We’ll go beyond website traffic, zip codes, and keywords to also incorporate sales, calls and third party plugin leads like Live Chat to take your marketing budgets further

We’ll optimize every page on your site with industry leading tools with complete transparency

We’ll monitor operational opportunities such as pricing, mystery shops, and vehicle merchandising

We’ll create simple, easy-to-understand reports and dashboards that deliver clear action items to improve results